Students can choose to learn the music they love; the style is their choice. But whatever the choice, only practice makes perfect! Students must have some kind of keyboard or piano available on which to practice every week (preferably every day). They can take lessons in their own homes or travel to Philip’s studio in Falmouth, whichever they prefer.

Ages and Skill Levels Taught:

From preschoolers to senior citizens, beginners to advanced players, Philip enjoys and welcomes teaching all ages and skill levels, even persons with disabilities.

Styles Taught:

Philip teaches any piano genre and likes them all, but is most interested in the classics, which is the best technical foundation for any style. Students can choose their own piano method books at his suggestion or their preference. A certain amount of music theory is necessary to an understanding of music, along with the more fun aspects! In addition, a basic knowledge of the mechanical aspects of piano construction is provided for each student to assist them in comprehending the strengths and weaknesses of the piano as a musical instrument. Students may study:

  • classical
  • popular
  • Broadway
  • big band
  • rock
  • boogie
  • blues
  • new age
  • sacred
  • other

Lesson Rates:

Half hour: $25
Three quarters hour: $38
One hour: $50
To cover the added costs of traveling to a home a charge of 50 cents per mile (the standard government rate) is added to the price of lessons.

Longer than one hour lessons are available for those who are especially enthusiastic about learning, or if there is more than one student, Philip is happy to teach them in sequence.

Lesson Location:

Philip offers students the option to take lessons in their homes, or they can travel to his studio in Falmouth, MA.