Philip Schoonmaker is a professional piano teacher and piano technician with over 40 years of experience. He worked with Steinway and dozens of other brands of pianos for many years, has his own piano tuning and repair business, and has taught all piano levels since his early twenties.

He received many years of formal classical piano training from 8 years of age through university and beyond. He has both Bachelors and Masters degrees in the humanities and has taught piano for over 40 years. He spent many years working around career concert pianists and technicians and has a sizeable library of resources, both written and recorded.  He owns a Steinway upon which students play their lessons, or he travels to their homes at their convenience.

He teaches any level of piano, beginners to advanced, and any age, ability or disability. His first love and personal practicing focus is classical piano but he also plays popular, jazz, boogie, rock, blues, sacred, New Age, etc., and can teach any style.